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World Backup Day – March 31

World Backup Day

It’s time to add “World Backup Day” to your calendar and start thinking about how to secure your data.

World Backup Day is March 31, 2019.

Whether your data is treasured photos, personal banking information, big-time corporate secrets or your own website, you should have a plan for backing it up and keeping it safe.

  • Every week (in the US) 140,000 hard drives crash
  • 1,000,000 new malware threats are created every week****
  • A ransomware attack on a business happens every 40 seconds***
  • Over 90,000 websites are hacked every day*
  • 36% of businesses don’t backup their devices
  • 29% of all data loss is caused by human error (oops)**

According Acronis, the people I trust to keep my files safe, World Backup Day started back in 2011 by the Reddit community as a reminder to “save all of your cherished pictures, videos and other important data somewhere secure“.

Unfortunately, 24 percent of people and 36 percent of businesses don’t back up their devices at all – putting their most important files and personal information at risk from accidental deletions [and] hardware crashes… – The Growth and Importance of World Backup Day

World Backup Day is a day for people to learn about the increasing role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups. – WorldBackupDay.com

Be sure to check out the World Backup Day website to find out more and take the World Backup Day pledge!

What would you do if you lost everything? from Sam Mularczyk on Vimeo.

See my post here about backing up your website and the importance of keeping a backup off-site. If you need some help (or free advice) setting up a backup plan for your own website, contact me here.


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