The wrong street address is showing up in my AdWords ad

Here’s how to fix it!

If the wrong street address is showing up in your AdWords ads, it could be because Google is mixing up one of your account addresses with your campaign address.

In your AdWords dashboard…

Check “Ad extensions” in “Campaigns” and select the appropriate “Campaign extension” from your list of “Account extensions”.

  • Select the “Ad extensions” tab
  • Use the pull down menu under that tab and select “Location extensions”
  • Here you should see your ‘Account’ level extensions (“Account location extension).
  • Select the tab “Campaign extension” (right beside “Account extension”).
  • and then click the red “+ EXTENSION” button to select the appropriate address for your business.

Let me know if this works for you (or if not)…

If you need some help fixing this issue, contact me here.

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