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Looking for a social media policy?

If your organization is looking for a social media policy, take a look at “The Common Sense Social Media Policy”… [source – Sociallogical.com]. It’s a few years old, but still very relevant.

Common Sense Social Media Policy - sociallogical.com
Common Sense Social Media Policy – sociallogical.com

#1, #2 and #10 are points we talk about all the time (we call it ‘being a good friend’). When someone invites you into their social circles, you can’t go all hard-sell and expect they will keep following you. Be nice, be a person (not a company) and just be yourself.

Read the whole article and I think you’ll agree, this might just be the perfect social media policy for any organization.

How to write the perfect Tweet


A study done by researchers at Cornell University, backed by the National Science Foundation and Google, found that style may trump substance when it comes to Twitter popularity.

Researchers at Cornell gathered their findings and created a tool that uses an algorithm to automatically learn what kind of wording works better for Tweets.


Click here for “4 key takeaways that will explain the graphic and teach you to write engaging Tweets.

Great article from Hootsuite!