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How to exclude yourself from Google Analytics data

In order to exclude yourself from your own Google Analytics data, you will need to add your IP address to a Google Analytics filter.

To find your own IP address, just type “My IP” in the Google search bar. Your number will look something like this “”.

Google My IP

Once you have your IP address…

1. From the front of the Google Analytics dashboard click the Admin button (bottom-left)

Click Admin

2. Then select View, View Settings (in the VIEW column)

Select View

3. Select Filters

4. From there, click the button that says “Add Filter”.

5. In the Filter window.
Add a name (your own name) and then select these three from the pull downs.

1. “Exclude” (under Select filter type)
2. “traffic from the IP addresses”
3. “that are equal to”

Then add your own IP Address in the “IP address” window.

Then SAVE!

Enter IP address

Let me know if you have any trouble.

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