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How to change or remove your user name in WordPress

What if you don’t want your user name or author name displayed with your blog posts?

By default most WordPress themes automatically include the date and author name for all posts. Usually your “author name” is your “user name”.

Some themes will let you select whether or not to show your author name on posts.

With my theme (Make), I am able to change the “Post Author” settings using the WordPress customizer.

 WordPress Post Author settings using the customizer
WordPress Post Author settings using the customizer

If the WordPress customizer won’t let you hide your author name, try using the WordPress “Nickname” feature.

OPTION 1 – Add a Nickname

Add a nickname screen
Add a new nickname, then select it in the pull-down menu

1. In the “Users” section of your Dashboard select the author you would like to alter. My user name is MBenny (my author name is also MBenny), but I would rather people saw me as “Mike”.

2. Change the “Nickname” to the name you would like people to see on your posts. I changed mine to “Mike”. (Caution: Do not change the User name, the first name or the last name — just the Nickname.)

3. Underneath that field pull down the “Display name publicly as…” and select the new name.

4. Now, all of your post will include your new “altered” name.

To hide your name completely, change your Nickname to the name of your blog or use a dash, hyphen or other character.

OPTION 2 – Remove the author code


If your theme does not have this option, you can usually remove the author name with this edit to your index.php file, single.php, etc…

<p>by <?php the_author(); ?></p>

Another thing to consider is removing your author tag from your sitemap. Usually this is a setting in your SEO plugin or you can manually edit your sitemap and resubmit to Google.

Sitemap author screen
Author sitemap screen in Google Webmaster Tools

If you need any help with any of this contact me here and I’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

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