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Do I really need to backup my website?

Yes, you really do need to backup your website.


  • You will accidentally delete something.
  • Your site will eventually break after one of those plugin or theme updates.
  • Someone will figure out your password and hack your site [here are some tips for building a better password].
  • A disgruntled ex-employee will want revenge.
  • Your host will lock you out if you forget to pay.


Most web hosts offer “Automatic backups” for an additional fee or account upgrade. Automatic backups are a great fallback and can really save you a lot of trouble if something goes wrong.

  • Keep in mind that WordPress sites require a file backup and a database backup.
  • Look into the process for restoring the backups, there may be additional fees for restoration or some additional expertise may be required (I can help).

  “Manual backups” stored off-site should also be a part of your plan. Manual backups of your database and website files stored somewhere other than on your host’s server (off-site) are a really good idea.

  • An off-site backup allows you to restore or move your website if you get locked out of your web hosting account (or if your host suffers a catastrophic failure).
  • If you’re storing these backups on your own system, you will also likely have more space for storing more backups (automatic plans have space limitations).
  • Off-site backups are also good to have if you’re planning on making major changes in a test environment.
  • Manual backups can usually be downloaded from your hosting account cPanel. If you need help with this, just let me know.

The key to a good website backup plan is to make it automatic and keep it off-site (just in case).



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