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Google’s Test Your Mobile Speed

Here’s a great new tool from Google.

Here’s the link –

Just type in your website address and Google will test your website for load time (on a standard 3g connection) and mobile compatibility.  It will also test how your website looks and handles on mobile devices (font size, layout, etc…).

Google will show you an Industry Comparison of how your site stacks up compared to your competitors and even suggest a few fixes to help speed up your website.

After you test your site, click the link that says “Get My Free Report” and send it to your webmaster.

If you don’t have a webmaster, contact me here!

The wrong street address is showing up in my AdWords ad

Here’s how to fix it!

If the wrong street address is showing up in your AdWords ads, it could be because Google is mixing up one of your account addresses with your campaign address.

In your AdWords dashboard…

Check “Ad extensions” in “Campaigns” and select the appropriate “Campaign extension” from your list of “Account extensions”.

  • Select the “Ad extensions” tab
  • Use the pull down menu under that tab and select “Location extensions”
  • Here you should see your ‘Account’ level extensions (“Account location extension).
  • Select the tab “Campaign extension” (right beside “Account extension”).
  • and then click the red “+ EXTENSION” button to select the appropriate address for your business.

Let me know if this works for you (or if not)…

If you need some help fixing this issue, contact me here.

Does my website need an SSL certificate?


Google has started favoring websites with SSL certification (websites with “https”) over regular websites (sites with “http”) in it’s search results.

SSL certification shows that your website is using encryption to protect users and their personal information.

By January 2017, the Google web browser, Chrome will treat all regular “http” websites as non-secure.

With this in mind, yes, I suggest you add SSL certification to your site.

The actual SSL certificate costs about $150/yr (based on a single medium-size website) or $300/yr for an e-commerce website. You will also need some help from a website manager to ensure the certification is handled properly.

There’s no rush on this, but it is something to consider before 2017.

Are Google Webmaster Tools supported by

Yes! If you have a website or blog hosted by you can still use Google’s Webmaster Tools.

From your dashboard select TOOLS, then AVAILABLE TOOLS, then WEBSITE VERIFICATION SERVICES. screenshot
Screenshot of Website Verification Services

1.Log in to with your Google account.
2.Enter your blog address (without http:// or https:// in front)
3.Click the Add a Site button
4.You will be presented with several verification methods. Choose the Alternate Methods tab.
5.Select the option: HTML tag
6.Copy the content value of the meta tag….more here. also supports Bing Webmaster Center, Pinterest Verification and Yandex.

More information here in this support article

By: Mike Benny

Google just made it easier for people to know if you’re opening their email messages

Gmail-2Today, the web giant announced a change to its popular Gmail service: Images embedded in emails will now be automatically displayed, saving users from clicking on a “display images” link and, Google claims, making “your messages more safe and secure.” But buried in the fine print, a different picture emerges.

The new setup also means that people and companies who send you email will be able to find out when you’ve opened and read their messages, because loading these images requires a call back to the sender’s server.

Here’s the article from WIRED >>