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Does my website need an SSL certificate?

Yes. Google has started favoring websites with SSL certification (websites with “https”) over regular websites (sites with “http”) in it’s search results. SSL certification shows that your website is using encryption to protect users and their personal information. By January 2017, the Google web browser, Chrome will treat all regular “http” websites as non-secure. With …

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Looking for a social media policy?

If your organization is looking for a social media policy, take a look at “The Common Sense Social Media Policy”… [source –]. It’s a few years old, but still very relevant. #1, #2 and #10 are points we talk about all the time (we call it ‘being a good friend’). When someone invites you …

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Why is no one reading your email?

Your email send-outs are ending up in SPAM folders because… you send too many at once you use too many exclamation points!!!! you use ALL CAPS you’re not on their “contacts” list you have sloppy code and large images Here’s a link to the complete article from Comm100. This is not an endorsement of Comm100, but this article …

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