Author: Mike Benny

Radio host, blogger and website manager. In my real job I manage three high-traffic websites and in my spare time I manage a few others. I’m a freelance website manager. Click here for my online contact form or email

Google’s Test Your Mobile Speed

Here’s a great new tool from Google. Here’s the link – Just type in your website address and Google will test your website for load time (on a standard 3g connection) and mobile compatibility.  It will also test how your website looks and handles on mobile devices (font size, layout, etc…). Google will show …

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Should you put money into SEO or SEM?

To successfully stay at the top of search pages, you’ll need both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) working together. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) covers the paid listings that appear at the top of most searches. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works at getting your website to show up in unpaid search results (organic …

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