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My name is Mike Benny, I’m a radio host, soup maker, blogger and freelance website manager. I live and work in beautiful British Columbia Canada.


In my real job I host a radio show, manage two ad servers and three high-traffic websites, in my spare time I manage a few other websites. I’m a freelance website manager.

Mike Benny

  • offer plenty of free advice!
  • make simple, quick changes to your website
  • set up a domain name and hosting account for your website
  • set up professional email services
  • fix your broken or out-dated website
  • keep your website secure and working well
  • keep your domain name and hosting arrangements up to date
  • set up and manage your online store and manage your inventory (WooCommerce)
  • manage user access
  • monitor and report your website statistics
  • manage and monitor backups and keep a full backup off site, just in case
  • help you get “found” by Google

I can also build a complete website for you (like this one -or- this one) and then hand you the keys!

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